Compliance & Security

Staying Compliant and Meeting Regulations through Technology and Systems

Every industry has its own set of regulations, and CBE Office Solution’s (CBE) automated workflow processes and document management solutions can help you to guarantee that you’re following the rules and taking all of the necessary steps to conduct your business appropriately.

  • Build in fail-stop automated workflow processes
  • Be certain that documents are created, reviewed, approved, and published properly
  • Set up your system to look for—and prevent—errors
  • Rest assured that you’re using the most secure and reliable solutions available


In order to maintain patients’ privacy and adhere to the requirements set forth by HIPAA, a well-implemented system of document management is a necessity. CBE’s document management software solutions can aid in ensuring that HIPAA notices are provided to patients at the appropriate times and that protected health information is shared only with the appropriate personnel. Our customizable systems can be designed with the required administrative and technical safeguards outlined by HIPAA.

Financial Accounting

Using our SaaS solution and document management software systems, you can create and even automate auditable documents for your business. Accounting oversight can be made simple with streamlined processes and documents, and have them easily accessible through an electronic index.

Make certain every financial report is complete and accurate using our automated workflow solutions, which can alert you to missing or erroneous information. When you need to conduct an internal audit, have all of the documents you need complete, in order, organized, and on hand.

Privacy, Security, and Data Integrity

CBE assures its clients that data security, integrity, and privacy are our top concerns. That’s why we’ve sought out the best in the industry for SaaS, hosting, data storage, and secure workflow process creation.
Every governmental regulation form the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act to HIPAA requires the utmost of security measures, which is why we rely on safeguards such as redundant, off-site data storage. Our document and data management software and systems offer the best in information security.

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