Cost Recovery

Be Smart About Your Spending: Use Cost Tracking and Recovery Software

CBE Office Solutions can set your business up with a cost recovery software solution for your entire fleet of office copiers, printers, and more. This advanced system will allow you to see how many copies your staff makes in a day, how much you spend in color printing every month, plus much more.

Cost recovery software is simple to set up and simple to use. Your CBE account executive will show you how to get started and will train your team on how to use the cost recovery system properly, so that you can make accurate assessments each month.
We recommend cost tracking and recovery software system for businesses who want:

  • To make individual staff members and departments accountable for their use of office technology. Every user must key in a numerical password to complete the task.
  • To reduce administrative expenses by forwarding on the copying, printing, and faxing costs to the end-client. Ideal for law firms and other businesses that bill clients for hard costs.
  • A simpler way to do assessment of cost recovery. The solutions from CBE will allow you to view all activity in a convenient spreadsheet and import that data into your accounting system.

Assessment and cost recovery can be applied to most all office technology including printers, copiers, faxes, and multifunction systems. You are not limited in the number of units you can track or the number of user codes for your office.

Begin tracking your everyday office expenses, analyze that information to improve your workflow and efficiencies, and then allocate the expense for every page printed to help boost your bottom line. A CBE account executive would be happy to discuss the many ways your office can take advantage of assessment and cost recovery software solutions.

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