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Low Cost Copies from Energy Saving Duplicators

Duplicators are ink-based printing devices that have the capacity to produce many copies of, one item, in a short amount of time—up to 135 copies per minute. Many educational organizations and large businesses depend on duplicators for fast, economical printing.

CBE carries a variety of Ricoh duplicators. Duplicators are ideal for business, educational, and government offices who require:

  • A low-cost solution to high-volume copying.
  • A device that uses less energy than the typical copier. All of our duplicators have an automatic sleep mode.
  • The need to produce large print jobs directly from their computer.

Ease of Use and Reliability

How many times have you stood by a copy machine to monitor a large copy job? Frequency of paper jams and low capacity input and output feeds requires manual work from you.

Ricoh duplicator allows you to step away from a copy job without worry. In fact, you can copy and print up to 3,000 sheets of paper at one time.

What a Duplicator Can and Can’t Do

A duplicator is able to make hundreds of copies in less than five minutes, but it’s also a suitable machine for small copy jobs and single copies. Several of the most popular Ricoh duplicators can produce color copies. Software enhanced printing solutions, including the assessment and cost recovery and secure output solutions are also available.

Duplicators are best suited to re-produce crisp copies, of the same original document, in a short amount of time. Duplicators do not include scan or fax capabilities. If your business relies on a copier for mainly single copies of a lot of different original images; a traditional copier or Multifunctional Printer (MFP) may be more economical for your business.

To determine whether a multifunction copier or a duplicator will meet your business’ needs, contact a CBE professional to talk with you about your printing and copying needs—1-800-266-4223

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