Fax Solutions

Fax Software and Servers for Complete Fax Solutions

CBE Office Solutions provides fax servers and fax software for those looking to bypass traditional fax technology. Businesses that send a high volume of faxes often prefer fax servers, because they allow you to send and receive faxes directly from your computer without the hassle of paper jams, waiting in lines, or dealing with outdated technology.

The fax solutions we offer:

  • Easily integrate with an existing multi-function device
  • Do not require a phone line or difficult-to-use image editing software
  • Make it simple to keep electronic records of correspondence
  • Allow you to easily share faxes with others on the network
  • Lets you task an administrator with managing received faxes and distributing those files to the appropriate people (as opposed to having confidential faxes sit in a common area for others to see)

Scanning Requirements for Fax Servers

In many instances, you will need to scan a document before you can fax the document. This is where your multifunction device (or scanner) will communicate to the fax server by way of the fax software.

Once your fax solution is in place, there will be three steps to sending a fax.

  • Scan the document and send it to your work-space (or email).
  • Send the fax from your computer using the fax software.
  • The digital file that you scanned and faxed can be stored for later retrieval, if necessary.

If the file you need to fax does not need to be scanned and is already stored on your computer, you can skip step number one—proof that relying on fax servers makes the task less time consuming. Fax software will also allow you to edit documents easily. Convert TIFF files to PDF files, crop, or modify contrast/brightness to improve the quality of your documents.

Our capable office technology experts can assess your faxing needs and recommend several affordable fax solutions that are right for your business. Call us at 1-800-266-4223 to learn more.