Fleet Management

Print costs out of control? Don’t know? CBE’s managed print solution and Print Complete MPS, will help you understand the output and cost of your fleet. Our motto is “If you don’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”

Printer output is one area most often overlooked and unrealized. When your fleet is unmanaged, it results in high expenditure and loss of revenue.

Managed Print Services Saves Time and Money

Our Print Complete Solution brings an array of tools and services to take control of your printing environment:

  • Convenient cost-per-print program
  • All inclusive parts, toner, and service
  • One vendor, one invoice, one solution
  • Reduced administrative costs and IT support calls
  • Remote monitoring

Assessment Process

In order to uncover hidden costs in unmanaged print environments, we must do a comprehensive assessment of your current situation. PrintComplete will perform a thorough analysis free of charge. We will uncover the inefficiencies in your fleet and present you with a strategy to achieve the most optimal printing environment.

  • We do a current-use analysis to secure a list of print devices, inventory the makes/models, and volumes produced on each device.
  • We learn your current spend on consumables and service to provide you with an accurate cost analysis.
  • We interview end-users to understand their print needs.
  • We will uncover the inefficiencies of your print fleet and make recommendations for optimization.
  • Our goal is to look for ways to efficiently and strategically save you money on your print spending and NOT to sell you more hardware.

Why Your Business Will Benefit from a Managed Print Environment

When changing from a typical print environment to a managed print environment, you can expect the following:

  • Managed print will allow you to identify costs, which makes expense management possible. In this type of environment you will know exactly how many devices are used and the page volume and cost associated with each device.
  • Proactive monitoring of output devices removes much of the need for employee involvement on the support and management of your print environment. Managed print eliminates supply ordering tasks, help-desk calls, and service calls. Managed print also reduces the number invoices to be processed. We provide a single invoice for all devices.
  • Your employees can focus more time on core job functions.

Remote Data Collection

  • Real-time 24/7 monitoring
  • Device status
  • Supply levels and supply ordering
  • Utilization tracking history
  • Automated service alerting
  • Deliver supplies before they run out

One Source of Accountability

  • Efficiency
  • Time management
  • Single vendor – Single Invoice
  • Single source of accountability

“If you don’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” No matter where you are in the Southern California area, call CBE at 1-800-266-4223or contact us online to learn more about managed print services.