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Managed IT Services


With a Managed IT Solutions plan, CBE becomes your organization’s Technology Success Provider. We offer full custom solutions tailored to your needs.


With Full Managed IT, the goal is to free you up to focus on your business growth and operations. Our team members will consult with you to build out a technology plan that aligns with your business initiatives.

Our Full Managed IT Solutions Plans include:

  • IT Strategy, Direction, Budgeting
  • 24/7 System Monitoring
  • Proactive Alerts & Response
  • Antivirus
  • Data Backup Management
  • Technology Standards Alignment

Add-on Services

  • Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • Cloud Computing Solutions
  • Dark Web Scanning


Co Managed IT Solutions are a good fit for companies that already have an internal IT Staff. We come along side that staff and help them in the following scenarios:

  • The in-house IT staff focuses on high-level, strategic IT issues and planning however, needs support for such day-to-day tasks as end user support, troubleshooting, software upgrades, data backup, etc.
  • The in-house IT staff addresses support, troubleshooting and software upgrades but requires support for server infrastructure, cloud services or security.
  • The in-house IT staff handles the day-to-day tasks but requires outside advice regarding the organization’s overall IT strategy.
  • A company has entered a rapid growth phase and needs to scale up its IT services to support internal growth.
  • Companies have in-house IT staff at their headquarters location but need a reliable solution for remote branch locations.
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