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Network Administration


Your network is the core of your IT Infrastructure thus, can have a big impact on your business when not working correctly. Network Management is focused on the design, construction and how the network is being utilized.

Network administrators first assess how your infrastructure is currently functioning by going through the following process:

Gap Analysis – we start with an analysis of all the systems in your environment. From firewalls, servers and computers the goal is to look at the entire infrastructure, how it is connected and how this aligns with our standards.

Best Practices / Standardization – we take the information gathered on the Gap Analysis and build out an action plan to implement our best practices and standardizations we feel hold importance. Our team will also build a timeline and budget plan.

System Audits – beyond analyzing, building a plan and implementing network infrastructure we continue to audit the system monthly. Typically, these reports are built and delivered to our customers on a quarterly basis through our vCIO.

We can also offer cloud-based infrastructure, on-premises hardware, or a hybrid configuration to provide the best solution for you and your budget.

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