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Ricoh, Canon, and HP Document Scanning Solutions for the Digital Office

Document scanning solutions helps you work efficiently. With a scanner you can create redundant sets of files, make it easy to share information between users, or help the environment by going paperless.

CBE can help you select the ideal scanner for all of your workplace needs. Through CBE’s partners, you have access to a wide variety of scanners including digital scanners, large format scanners, color scanners, multipurpose scanners, scanners with high speed automatic document feeders and more.

Choosing the Best Scanners for Your Needs

Do you need a single document scanned from time to time? Then a multipurpose scanner that includes a printer, fax, and scanner may fulfill your needs.

Do you run an architectural firm or project management firm that requires the scanning of blueprints and other large documents? Our large format scanners can handle a wide variety of sizes.

Are you in the process of creating a paperless office? Then you most likely need a high-speed scanner. Our high-volume RicohCanon, and HP scanners are some of the most popular scanners.

Document Conversion and Re-Creation with Document Scanner(s)

A scanner allows you to take a physical document and turn it into a word processing document that you can easily manipulate or re-purpose into a new document. Using OCR technology, it becomes simple to rework an existing document instead of starting over from the beginning.

Today’s technology advances enable scanners to have high-photographic qualities and can store amazing clear images. Imaging programs are also available to add those cosmetic re-touches.

Browse our catalog of RicohCanon, and HP scanners, or contact CBE professional to show you how we can quickly update your office with state-of-the-art document scanning solution. 800-266-4223

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