Scanning Solutions

Scanning Solutions for Your Digital Office

CBE Office Solutions understands the challenge of managing communications throughout a busy work day; especially when the vital information is printed on paper. CBE can help you create electronic copies of all your documents with document imaging software and scanning solutions.


With document scanning software you can turn boxes of paper files into tiny electronic files. Not only will this help you save space, but you’re less likely to make a filing error or lose a document.

Document Imaging and storage allows you to:

  • Index documents for easy searching
  • Quickly respond to customer requests or complaints through speedy document retrieval
  • Create redundant files to meet insurance and compliance requirements
  • Allow company departments to access all necessary files throughout the network at any time instead of relying on inter-office mail and email

Cut Down on Paper Clutter

Many businesses choose to use document imaging software to reduce clutter and save paper. CBE makes it simple to turn every document (from one piece of paper to volumes of paper) into an easily managed and organized electronic file that can be backed up, stored, and distributed on the network or through email. Even graphics can be captured using our document imaging software.

Integrated Hardware and Software

CBE can help you create a customized system of scanning solutions using the proven, easy to use document imaging software. CBE’s in-house professionals will discuss multiple options to help determine how our document imaging and storage systems can create dramatic improvements to your business’ workflow. Contact a CBE professional to learn more 1-800-266-4223  or