Keep it in Confidence – Secure Output Solutions

All businesses store confidential information on computers and print proprietary information to printers throughout an office. This is part of doing business.

But for some, the risk of the wrong person seeing that highly-confidential information could mean serious repercussions. This isn’t a plot from a movie. Document theft happens.

CBE Office Solutions provides a number of Secure Output Software Solutions that ensures files are not saved on multifunctional products after being printed as well as secure output solutions that prevent the wrong person from picking up a document from a printer or MFP.

CBE offers the following Secure Output Software Solutions for all businesses.

Card-Based User Authentication and Permissions Management

Card reader technology allows users to access and use multifunction machines according to pre-determined privileges.

DoD Smart Card Authentication for Networked MFPs

Authenticates the user and ensures that documents from a multifunction system do not end up in the wrong hands. DoD Smart Card Authentication meets the requirements of the Homeland Security Presidential Directive – 12 (HSPD-12).

MFP Hard Disk Data Overwrite Solution

After a document prints from a shared multifunctional product, the file is overwritten so that the image cannot be retrieved.

Secure Printing to Shared Multifunctional Products

For those who work with a shared printer, secure printing means that you can control where and when the document is released from the printer. In other words, you can release the document when you walk up to the printer.

MFP Hard Disk Removal Solution

Stop leaving images of confidential documents on the multifunctional products you use. Employ an MFP Hard Disk Removal Solution and you can take those sensitive images with you when you leave the MFP.

MFP Hard Disk DATA ERASE (DoD Standards)

To learn more about Secure Output Software Solutions, contact CBE 1-800-266-4223. A qualified account executive will guide you through the security options and customize a solution that fits your business.