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Wide Format Systems


Large Format Devices for your Wide Format Needs

CBE offers large format digital printers that will allow you to copy, print, scan, and e-mail wide-format projects from your own office. Each of the wide format printers CBE offers is designed to be intuitively simple to use. There is no longer a need to send your large-scale printing projects to an outside vendor again.

You can set your own time table. No need to outsource your wide format needs. Your in-house wide format can save your staff time. No more waiting for a pick-up or sending your staff out of the office to process a needed document.

Today’s large format digital printers rely on CCD technology to eliminate many of the common problems seen in previous models. Today’s wide format systems capture images more accurately and are quieter than older models.

Save Time and Space

When it comes to wide format printers, we understand that time and space is of the essence. CBE’s large format digital and laser printers provide excellent quality reproductions while offering a smaller foot print and higher speed than older technology offered.  CBE offers several cutting-edge models of Canon and Ricoh wide format systems with a variety of options, including:

  • High-speed printing (up to 12 inches per second)
  • Space-saving design
  • Full-color or black-and-white options
  • Environmentally conscious and ENERGY STAR qualified machines
  • Ability to scan wide format documents.

Capabilities for Any Industry

Covering every industry from architecture to manufacturing, CBE’s large format printers can provide the quality required for AEC, CAD, MCAD, ECAD, and most other industry applications. Using the latest technology, the Canon and Ricoh large format printers are engineered to provide unprecedented accuracy with high-density printing.

The Best Options for You

Whether you are seeking full-color printing capabilities or only need black images, CBE can customize a solution to suit your needs.  To learn more about our wide format printers contact CBE 1-800-266-4223  or

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